Frequently asked questions

When vacating, how much notice do I have to give?

If you are on a periodic tenancy you are required to provide a minimum of 21 days notice.

If your Tenancy agreement is on a fixed term, you are responsible for the property until the expiry date of the agreement.

We will advertise in an endeavor to re-let the property as quickly as possible but you will be responsible until the day a new tenant moves in and also be liable for any break lease costs as they are incurred.

If you were on a fixed term tenancy but it has expired, your tenancy has become periodic, and you are required to provide 21 days notice.

What are my tenancy obligations?

Landlords and tenants both have rights and obligations when a tenancy agreement is entered into. These rights and obligations are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act 1995. Some of these rights and obligations cannot be changed, even if there is mutual agreement between the parties.

When you enter into a residential tenancy agreement, you are agreeing to the obligations as set out in the terms and conditions of the lease. These are the must do’s of renting:

  • Pay the rent on time
  • Keep the premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness
  • Pay charges for water supply and water consumption as agreed between the landlord and the tenant
  • Not intentionally or negligently cause or allow damage to be caused to the premises
  • Notify MultiArray of damage to the premises
  • Notify your Property Manager when repairs are needed
  • Not use the premises, or allow them to be used for any illegal purpose
  • Not cause or allow a nuisance or interference with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of anyone else living in the immediate vicinity of the premises
  • Not fit any fixtures or make any alterations to the premises (including picture hooks, shelves and fences) without the landlord permission

Who looks after the lawns and garden?

Unless stated as a special condition in your Tenancy Agreement, all lawns and gardens are your responsibility.

We have a few preferred contractors that we can recommend, should you wish to engage a helping hand.

How do I organise repairs and maintenance?

MultiArray Real Estate use preferred contractors and will arrange for any repairs or maintenance to be done on behalf of the landlord.

To ensure a quick response we request that all maintenance reports be submitted in writing directly to your property manager.

Unfortunately, should you arrange your own maintenance without our authorisation we cannot guarantee you will be refunded for the expense incurred.

If you have an emergency after hours;

  • Contact our after hour’s maintenance service
  •  Report the fault
  • The on duty team member will arrange for a tradesperson attendance to rectify the fault ASAP.